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This is what the new and improved school year calendar with a four-day school week. would look like for Hudson High.

A four-day school week for students and staff is ideal

Lily Stevens, Reporter November 6, 2023

Students spend around 1,080 hours per school year sitting in a classroom. Right now, most schools in the United States have a five-day work and school week. When looking at how many hours children spend...

This is what Spotify’s app icon looks like. Spotify is among the most popular music apps and is currently ranked as the #1 app for music on the Apple App Store.

Spotify should be allowed back on student iPads

Ava Bell, Copy Editor October 30, 2023

Music, a particularly hot topic and influential point in any teen’s life, is always more helpful than harmful. Students can and do use music in many different ways, whether it’s to help them focus...

Members of the Hudson Girls Soccer team celebrate after a successful game.

Students should be involved in multiple extracurriculars

Ava Kuss, Reporter October 24, 2023

Extracurricular activities are a place for students to open their minds, take a break after long school days, as well as a place to see friends and even make new ones. Extracurriculars are available to...

NC Soccer Club has four fields in the facility. This is Field Three and it has been at NC Soccer Club for over 10 years. Like Field One and Field Two, its perimeter is walled and built in a hockey-like structure.

It’s time for NC Soccer Club to refurbish their entire facility

Renna Eimer, Copy Editor October 24, 2023

Ever since 1984, NC Soccer Club has served indoor fields for soccer clubs in Hudson and around Northeast Ohio. Other than serving indoor fields for clubs, they also have a shop that sells jerseys, socks,...

Book bans cause more harm than those banning them realize.

Book banning does more harm than good

Greta Knipe, Editor-in-Chief October 22, 2023

The practice of banning books is used as a precaution against readers being swayed by their contents. It has been utilized throughout American history, with books that contain issues of race, gender, class,...

Adapted from Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel of the same name, “Fight Club” is a commentary of consumerism and the “feminization of American culture,” according to David Fincher.

Toxic masculinity is misunderstood in media

Greta Knipe, Editor-in-Chief October 13, 2023

Toxic masculinity refers to certain aspects of traditional masculinity—being unemotional, aggressive, violent, etc.—becoming exaggerated to the point of being destructive. It stems from the (incorrect)...

Every Tuesday before Thanksgiving at the Middle School, students can have traditional Thanksgiving foods for lunch. This is one of Hudsons only days where the cafeteria food is good.

Cafeteria food in the USA is the worst possible lunch

Angelee Herman, Reporter October 5, 2023

If you grew up in a public school, you have most likely bought school lunch at least once. If that's the case, you know how unbalanced it is.  For example, in Hudson there is a go-to lunch called “Bosco...

Studies from The Trevor Project show that more education and tolerance need to be taught within our schools.

Queer education is needed in Hudson Schools

Tobias Banozic, Reporter September 26, 2023

Anti-queer legislation has been on the rise, and it is still rising, even more for anti-transgender bills. There have been 566 bills introduced in the US, 368 are still active and 8 are active in Ohio,...

Hudson High School’s Girls Bathroom near the Guidance Office is known for having only two Extreme Air electric hand dryers despite the multiple stalls

Hudson High School should replace their electric hand dryers with paper towel dispensers

Renna Eimer, Reporter September 26, 2023

For around 30 years, Hudson High School has had electric hand dryers in every one of their bathrooms. These electric hand dryers are made by the company Extreme Air. Although Extreme Air and other electric...

Lab-grown meat, such as in vitro meat, is now becoming more popular. Behind the doors of the lab, however, is something more much more dark than is being let on.

Lab-grown meat: veracities and deceit

Aubrey Dredge, Reporter September 20, 2023

What is Lab-Grown Meat? Lab grown meat was a fantasy first introduced around the 1990’s. However, it became popular in 2013 after it was revealed that the first artificial burger was created only...

Though AI is becoming more and more used and albeit beneficial, it is an advancement in technology that shouldn’t be utilized.

AI is killing our creativity and ability to think

Emma Linder, Reporter September 20, 2023

AI is taking jobs such as tech, media, legal industry, market research, teachers, finance, traders, graphic designers, accountants, customer service, etc. There have been many complaints by people in the...

The majority of the hermit crab industry is abusive from the very beginning of the process to the second they are put into a customers hands. If you ever cross paths with getting a pet hermit crab, be the person who allows the abuse to stop.

Hermit Crabs are not just another souvenir

Keira Sweeney, Reporter September 20, 2023

Have you ever been on a family vacation or traveling with your friends or even visited a relative somewhere along the coast? If you have, chances are you’ve come across a sign saying “hermit crabs...

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