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A drawing depicting the bias in school dress codes. They are incredibly strict, and often target the dress of young women.

Targets on our backs: How school dress codes unfairly objectify girls

Sophie Daniel, Reporter February 27, 2024

In 1969, the dress code was created because of a case known as Tinker v. Des Moines School District involving a group of teens who wore black wristbands in protest of the Vietnam War to school. In the...

The snow machines work hard to produce enough powder for local skiers to head down the hills at Boston Mills. Since Vail Resorts purchased Boston Mills in 2019, prices have soared, making this once quaint ski area too much for locals to enjoy.

Boston Mills: The ski hill scam

Vienne Bateman, Reporter January 30, 2024

Expensive prices, long lines, short runs, this is the typical skiing experience for locals planning on skiing in Ohio. Boston Mills is a small ski hill located in our local Cuyahoga Valley. Boston Mills...

A Hudson Fire Department fire truck parades around the Stow area to celebrate a national holiday. Used with permission/Flickr/Ramond Wambsgans.

Hudson’s Volunteer Fire Department needs to change

Ava Kuss, Reporter January 27, 2024

The city of Hudson’s fire department is a volunteer fire department made of 41 total firefighters (35 volunteers and six full-time). A staff that isn’t always available to tackle emergencies as soon...

The swimming pool is one of the most popular attractions at recreation centers. Although Reminderville has a fourth of Hudsons population, it still has a recreation center containing an indoor pool. Trails Recreation Center by Dan McLean is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Deed.

The Benefits of a recreation center in Hudson

Renna Eimer, Copy Editor January 22, 2024

Hudson has practically every store, restaurant and boutique shop that comes to mind. This can range from ethnic restaurants, fine-dining restaurants, casual dining restaurants, breweries, pubs, clothing...

Sophomore Libby Thomas and her family visit a beach while on vacation with her family over a well deserved break from school.

Students should experience the world while they’re young

Sara Ackerman, Reporter January 12, 2024

When we are young, we are still growing and finding ourselves, with the stress of preparing for the future in the back of our minds. The skills learned while traveling can aid this growth and teach things...

In Sandusky, Ohio, the employees of the NASA Glenn Research Center work to learn more about space and the world as we know it. Orion spacecraft arrives at NASA’s Plum Brook Station by NASA Glenn Research Center is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The Necessity of space exploration

Christopher Rego, Reporter January 11, 2024

Space is known as the new frontier. Space is where we can push our limits; it is where we can venture into the unknown. Space exploration has already led to remarkable inventions here on Earth, such as...

Communication is essential for personal and cultural growth. Improving langauge education in the United States will enable Americans to better understand global conversation. Used with permission/Untitled by David Topolewski.

US Language Education is unsatisfactory

Greta Knipe, Editor-in-Chief December 15, 2023

The ability to speak more than one language is one that is becoming increasingly valuable in our globalized world, as different nations and cultures connect online and in fields such as business, science...

A child enjoys the magic of reading while in a local library. Child reading at Brookline Booksmith by GPA Photo Archive is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED.

Reading: A Benefit in more ways than one

Emma Linder, Reporter December 11, 2023

One of the first things a mother does when her child learns how to talk is to teach them how to read. The same goes for Kindergarten teachers, pulling out colorful children’s books and teaching five...

Senior Jason Dement and Assistant Band Director John Burrington hold up signs during during band camp, which is held every year for members of the Hudson Swing Marching Band during the summer at Marietta College.

All high school students should consider joining music programs

Kai Kurokawa, Reporter December 5, 2023

In recent years, the popularity of music at our high school has dwindled. The marching band with over two hundred students just ten years ago now has just over one hundred. There is only one junior in...

This is what the new and improved school year calendar with a four-day school week. would look like for Hudson High.

A four-day school week for students and staff is ideal

Lily Stevens, Reporter November 7, 2023

Students spend around 1,080 hours per school year sitting in a classroom. Right now, most schools in the United States have a five-day work and school week. When looking at how many hours children spend...

This is what Spotify’s app icon looks like. Spotify is among the most popular music apps and is currently ranked as the #1 app for music on the Apple App Store.

Spotify should be allowed back on student iPads

Ava Bell, Copy Editor October 30, 2023

Music, a particularly hot topic and influential point in any teen’s life, is always more helpful than harmful. Students can and do use music in many different ways, whether it’s to help them focus...

Members of the Hudson Girls Soccer team celebrate after a successful game.

Students should be involved in multiple extracurriculars

Ava Kuss, Reporter October 25, 2023

Extracurricular activities are a place for students to open their minds, take a break after long school days, as well as a place to see friends and even make new ones. Extracurriculars are available to...

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