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The results of the 2022 Midterm Elections: Democracy at work

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The 2022 Midterm Election has been a nailbiter, with close elections in both the House and Senate.

On the 8th of November, many people decided to practice their right to vote by casting their ballot for the 2022 Midterm Elections. Here in Hudson, Ohio, we were voting for the Ohio House of Representatives & Ohio Senators, who will represent us at the state level, as well as casting a vote to fill one of our 2 Senate seats and our House of Representatives seats at the federal level. With lots of important items up on the ballot, like marijuana and abortion rights, many US citizens flocked to their designated voting stations, all over the country, to vote in what is one of the tightest Midterms elections in the past 20 years. The results of this election show just how powerful of an impact the changing political climate has had on the citizens of the United States, and it shows the impact that this new wave of young Gen Z voters will have on United States politics moving forward. 

Ohio- the State House and Senate Results 

Starting off with the more local election, we have the results of the Ohio State House of Representatives. In Summit County, voters were able to vote for a House Representative for District 34, which makes up most of our county, and District 27 for the Ohio State Senate. Along with these more popular races, voters also casted a vote for the Ohio Court of Appeals, 9th District judge, Summit County Council member at-large, Summit County Council member, 6th District, Summit County Common Pleas judge (both domestic and general), Ohio Board of Education member, 10th District, Akron City Council member, Ward 1, and Twisburg voted for a new city mayor. Many cities also voted for school and city issues as well. 

The race for District 34 House Representative was a repeat of the 2020 race, with incumbent Casey Weinstien running as a Democratic, and Beth Bigham running as a Republican. Weisntien has been holding this seat since 2018, after he flipped the seat with a victory against Republican Mike Rasor. Bigham ran against Weinstein in 2020, but lost with 48.6% of the votes to Weinstein 51.4%. The results from the 2022 election are as follows.. 

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 Casey Weinstein– 53.8% 

 Beth Bigham- 46.2% 

Casey Weinstein will have another term as Ohio House District 34 Representative. 

In the Ohio State Senate, we had two candidates running for the District 27 Senator spot, incumbent republican candidate Kristina Roegner, and democratic candidate Patricia Goetz. Roegner has been representing District 27 in the Ohio State Senate since 2019, and prior to that, she served in the Ohio House of Representatives for six years. The results from the election are as follows..

Kristina Roegner– 51.2%

Patricia Goetz- 48.8% 

Kristina Roegner has been reelected to another term as Ohio State Senator for District 27..

Ohio- US House and Senate Results

Overall the federal election for house and senate was a lot different than many expected. Prior to November 8th, many GOP politicians and more right leaning news sources had been calling for a “red wave,” implying that Democrats would see devastating losses as the Republican “sweep” the House and Senate, winning the majority in both houses. But, the complete opposite happened. In what is now being called one of the closest midterms ever, Democrats regained their Senate majority for another two years. The final tally ends with 50 Democrats, and 49 Republicans. Compared to previous midterms, where the current president’s party has lost a majority of their seats, this victory is quite a triumph for Dems. Some of their key victories came from Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada. Pennsylvania was the most popular as Democrat John Fetterman defeated Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz, who was one of the Trump backed candidates “set to win” his race. There is still one state that the Senate results have not been determined, georgia. The race in Georgia had to enter a runoff election which will take place on December 6th. A runoff election is a second election that must be held because the first election did not reach the necessary threshold of votes needed for a candidate to win. The two Senate candidates, Raphael Warnock (D) and  Herschel Walker (R) were not able to receive the 50% of votes needed to win, with Warnock receiving 49.4% of the votes and Walker receiving 48.5% of the votes. But even if this election results in a Republican victory, and the Senate is 50-50 split, the Democrats will still have advantage in the Senate. Vice President Kamala Harris will be the tiebreaker. There were also many notable politicians who were reelected in both the House and Senate for another term. Some include Ted Cruz, Ron Desantis, Greg Abbott, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Nancy Pelosi, and AOC. Here in Ohio, we had 15 House elections and a Senate election as well. 

The Senate election had Democratic candidate Tim Ryan and Republican JD Vance running to replace former Senator Rob Portman, who is retiring. The election results are as follows…

Tim Ryan- 47% 

JD Vance- 53%

JD Vance will begin his Senate term on January 3rd, 2023. 

Below are the results of the House elections. The one featured on many Summit Country ballots was for Ohio District 13, which featured Emilia Sykes and Madison Gesiotto Gilbert. The victors of the House elections are bolded 


Ohio District 1: 

Greg Landsman(D)– 52.5% 

Steve Chabot (R)- 47.5%


Ohio District 2:

Brad Wenstrup (R)- 74.5%

Samantha Meadows (D)- 25.5%


Ohio District 3: 

Joyce Beatty (D)- 70.1%

Lee Stahley (R)- 29.8%


Ohio District 4:

Jim Jordan (R)- 69.3%

Tamie Wilson (D)- 30.7%


Ohio District 5: 

Bob Latta (R)- 67.0%

Craig Swartz (D)- 33.0%


Ohio District 6:

Bill Johnson (R)- 67.7%

Louis Lyras (D)- 32.3%


Ohio District 7: 

Max Miller (R)- 55.4%

Matthew Diemer (D)- 44.5%


Ohio District 8:

Warren Davidson (R)- 64.9%

Vanessa Enoch (D)- 35.1%


Ohio District 9:

Marcy Kaptur (D)- 56.5%

J.R. Majewski (R)- 43.5%


Ohio District 10: 

Mike Turner (R)- 62.2%

David Esrati (D)- 37.8%


Ohio District 11:

Shontel Brown (D)- 77.6%

Eric Brewer (R)- 22.4%


Ohio District 12: 

Troy Balderson (R)- 69.5%

Amy Rippel-Elton (D)- 30.5%


Ohio District 13: 

Emilia Sykes (D)- 52.6%

Madison Gesiotto Gilbert (R)- 47.4%


Ohio District 14:

David Joyce (R)- 61.9%
Matt Kilboy (D)- 38.1%


Ohio District 15:

Mike Carey (R)- 57.2%

Gary Josephson (D)- 42.8%

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